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Can I use a non mil spec carrier or BCG (bolt carrier group)? 1/14/2014

The pictures below are an example of why we DO NOT recommend using non-MIL spec bolts and carriers. This customer did not have any malfunctions to cause this damage but this is what happened to his carrier. We have also witnessed the locking lugs of bolts sheered off of non-MIL spec bolts.
These are Not surface cracks. They go all the way through the carrier. We have never seen this type of damage on a MIL spec carrier even on a gun that has been blown up from bad hand loads.
These may be easier to clean but they cost more and they are not more durable. This is not a fault of just one specific manufacturer. This can happen regardless of the manufacturer. We recommend using only MIL Spec bolts and carriers.
All things shiny are not better.
This is a link that will teach you more about the process that causes this embrittlement. Click Here

NOTICE: Lapua brass powder capacity?

It has come to our attention that Lapua brass has a smaller powder capacity than Lake City. Please be advised that this may cause pressure problems with our loads that specify Lake City brass.

How do I choose a chamber? Wylde or Compass Lake Engineering? 2/19/2014

Match competitors usually choose the CLE chamber. It closely matches the PTG .223 Remington chamber but has differences in the throat angle (-1.6 degrees), neck length (+.0001), neck @ shoulder (+.0001), base diameter (+.0001). Here is a chamber ream comparison chart.